Smart Box

The eLMS sensor
for dynamic load management
from hesotec.

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Smart energy distribution

The electrify Smart Box not only protects your power connection from overload, but also distributes the available energy dynamically and intelligently.
In conjunction with our cloud-based electrify charging management system (eLMS) you have the option of setting up individual controls entirely according to your needs and demands.
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Easy assembly

The Smart Box is mounted on a top-hat rail in the sub-distribution, connected to the network via LAN and the foldable measuring current transformers are clamped around the desired lines.

Easy integration

Im eLMS wird die Smart Box registriert, in einer Ladegruppe zusammen mit mindestens einem Ladepunkt als steuerndes Element zusammengeführt und online konfiguriert.

Dynamic charge management

Once set up via the eLMS, a dynamic charging management system that is independent of the internet is available in the local network.

Dynamic load measurement

With dynamic load measurement, the current power consumption of the house is recorded and subtracted from the maximum available power of the electricity connection.

PV- Excess charge

Increases the own power consumption of a PV system for charging an e-vehicle.

External consumer

If an external load is switched on, the power available for charging is dynamically adjusted or a charging
process is paused.