electrify charging management

The cloud-based charging
management system, the control
centre of your charging infrastructure!

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eLMS: cloud-based
and smart

With the cloud-based eLMS, you can organize your charging infrastructure. Whether it’s a single charging point or a charging park, the eLMS gives you an overview of activated charging points, consumption and charging status. So you always have everything in view. If desired, the eLMS dynamically distributes the maximum available power to the active charging points. The current is regulated and distributed in an adapted manner. This prevents the system from being overloaded.



Keep an overview

The eLMS provides everything at a glance: number of charging points, current consumption, statistics and live view.


Assign roles and approvals

Practical for loading parks: different role assignments, including different authorisations can be saved in the system.


Connection to the eCC app

The eLMS can be easily connected to the electrify Charge Control app.

Intelligent control

With the eLMS, you can manage and configure all electrify charging stations and wallboxes. The relevant charging process data is sent in encrypted form to the electrify cloud. The eLMS processes this data and provides helpful features to evaluate the data.

Charging point

The eLMS supports you in configuring individual charging points as well as in setting up complex charging infrastructures. You can assign a maximum current load to certain charging points or configure your own colour profile for the 360° ambient LED display.

Clear dashboard

Thanks to the clear dashboard, you always have a full overview of your charging points. You can analyse general and daily statistics or monitor the charging status and consumption via live view. Different users and roles as well as corresponding approvals can also be assigned in the eLMS.

eLMS charging management system

The cloud-based charging management system from electrify regulates the charging infrastructure as if by itself.


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