Our promise – High quality. Sustainable. Durable.

hesotec electrify: our responsibility

In addition to the high standards we set for our products, it is very important to us as a company to live up to the family values of our origins as well as the ethical and moral principles of a globally networked society. This is reflected not only in responsible behaviour towards our employees, business partners and customers, but also in the way we handle our resources.
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Our vision: we want to actively promote electromobility and make the world more sustainable. Every day, our developers work on designing smart solutions that are practical, easy to use, technically state-of-the-art and at the same time meet the highest design standards.

A modern world needs to be

That’s why sustainability is at the heart of everything we do: from our daily work to our production and our products. In a modern world, only those who think in a forward-looking way can prevail. We can proudly proclaim: we do! Since 2010, our production has also been sustainable. We rely on solar power – 88% of which we even produce in our own photovoltaic system. And because we also want to set a good example in terms of charging infrastructure, we have our own charging park. Our employees can charge electric vehicles at 15 charging points. Four electric vehicles are internal cars from our car pool, five employees own company e-cars. We are convinced: as soon as charging facilities are made available at the workplace, the willingness to invest in e-vehicles is much higher!
Ambient light

Sustainable LED technology for economical and gentle lighting.


Stainless steel and anodised aluminium are recyclable. Our plastics used are also approx. 90% recyclable.


We avoid unnecessary electrical waste. Almost all individual parts are independently interchangeable.


From the individual parts to the packaging: we use durable stainless steel and as little plastic as possible.

CO2 neutrality

We produce 88% of our own electricity. We use our own solar power system for this purpose.

  • Ambient light
  • Material
  • Recyclability
  • CO2 neutrality
  • Maintenance

A strong cooperation

hesotec electrify gmbh and SBRS GmbH have agreed on intensive project cooperation in the field of e-mobility. Both companies offer services and products for e-mobility charging systems in different performance classes.

hesotec electrify offers optimised special solutions for AC charging up to 22 kW.
SBRS GmbH develops charging systems for e‑buses, e‑trucks and HPC chargers.

Our story

The story of hesotec electrify has a very practical origin: we wanted to design the charging infrastructure in our own company – but nothing on the market convinced us. Without further ado, we took action ourselves. Both the management and the employees became real tinkerers until the result was finally convincing – both visually and technically. And why not offer customers what we are absolutely convinced of? The charging solutions fit perfectly with modern architecture, and at the same time they are simple and timeless enough to be placed in front of listed buildings. And: thanks to the customization options, they can be integrated visually to fit in anywhere.