electrify Charge Control

Authorise the charging point, start and end the charging process:
very easy via smartphone!

eCC App – That’s how smart charging works!

The eCC app is the smart access point for your charging infrastructure. All electrify charging stations and wallboxes can be controlled and configured via the eCC app. In combination with our charging management system (eLMS) or with our smart series charging stations, additional evaluation and management functions are possible. By using the app, you can activate your charging point, start charging and then also end it there. The eCC app is the hub of your modern charging infrastructure for authorising your charging point, registering an RFID card.


Easy configuration

The app makes it easy to set up your charging point.

Display of the charging time

How long does the charging procedure take? The eCC app displays the amount of time since the start of the current charging procedure.

Realtime status information

In the app you will find all available information about the charging point. Depending on the version, additional consumption and measurement data is provided.

Current display of the performance data

All charging points from the Smart version onwards transmit consumption and measurement data to the eCC APP.

Authorise and end the charging process

You don’t have to authorise at the charging point to start or end the charging process: simply control everything via app from the comfort of your sofa.

Loading and warning log evaluation

Just like the eLMS, the eCC app provides you with a detailed event and error overview with meaningful descriptions of the charging point.

Contactless charge release

With the electrify Charge Control (eCC) app, you authorise yourself at your charging point and start or end the charging process very easily by using your smartphone.

Charging point status

With the clear status indicator for each connected charging point, you always have an overview of your charging park. Depending on the version of the charging point, the eCC app provides you with the available information on the charging procedure in real time.

Control of the ambient LED

The 360° ambient light can easily be controlled via the eCC app. Assign the appropriate colours to different modes. This way, you always know which mode the charging station is currently in, just by looking at it. The additional 360° LED illumination of the eBox sr10 can also be configured via eCC app.

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electrify Charge Control

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electrify charge release

Centralised or decentralised: choose between eCC App or RFID technology.

electrify charging management system

Cloud-based eLMS – The intelligent control of your charging infrastructure.


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