electrify charging

Charging stations and wallboxes with style

Compact technology

All electronic components of electrify charging stations and wallboxes are located in the charging point. Thanks to the modular design, a cross-series combination of charging units is always possible.

    electrify Base   electrify Smart   electrify Premium
maximum charge power   11 or 22 kW   11 or 22 kW   11 or 22 kW
maximum charging current   16 or 32 A   16 or 32 A   16 or 32 A
Plug & Start      
eCC App      
energy meter      
Colour display      


eSat r10 base

Charging station eSat r10/r20

Charging station with protected access – Eligible in many countries. Available with Charging plug or Charging socket (Type 2).

Wallbox eBox sr10

Our wallbox for vertical mounting. Also, it is smart, classy and eligible. Available with Charging socket (Type 2).

eBox sr10 smart

Wallbox eBox wr30

Our wallbox for horizontal mounting. Classy and eligible in many countries! Available in 2 versions (right, left) for flexible mounting on the wall.

electrify charging station with shining LED

Ambient LED

Atmospheric LED light guarantees a modern appearance. Very convenient: an integrated charge status display.

electrify RFID

Bye bye, key combinations: start the charging process in a blink of an eye.

electrify charging station with shining LED

Individual design

Favourite colour or favourite motive – everything is possible: colourful foliation, company logo or basic colour. Your choice!

Flexible mounting

Whether horizontal or vertical, right or left, wall-mounted or free-standing: our charging solutions are designed for any location.

Durable stainless steel case

This valuable material makes our charging stations and wallboxes robust and long-lasting.

a detail of the electrify stainless steel case

Supplies & connectivity

electrify cable holder

electrify cable holder

No more cable clutter – for convenient charging.

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98,77 €
Brushed stainless steel
Art-Nr.: 10064-01
EAN: 4260676731523
98,77 €
Black matt (RAL 9005)
Art-Nr.: 10064-27
EAN: 4260676731530
117,81 €
RAL desired color
Art-Nr.: 10064-31
EAN: 4260676732025
0,00 €
Individual foiling
Art-Nr.: 10064-32
EAN: 4260676731561
77,35 €
Brushed stainless steel
Art-Nr.: 10064-01
EAN: 4260676731523

electrify Charge Control

All easy to control due to smart charge control, reporting and more.

electrify charging management system

Cloud-based eLMS – The intelligent control of your charging infrastructure.

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