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Classy charging solutions for your house or apartment

Charge at home – classy and easy

The perfect charging solutions for your home: from now on, you can charge your electric vehicle quickly, stylishly and reliably right outside your front door. And thanks to smart technology, you can easily monitor the charging process from wherever you are. Our charging stations and wallboxes for your home or flat can be customised in multiple ways. Choose your favourite colour or foliation with a specific motive. Both options can perfectly match the design of your home. But that’s not all: the electrify charging solutions also impress with their absolute robustness, elegant design and are “Made in Germany”. Moreover, they are eligible for subsidies in many countries.


DC fault current detection

The plus in safety: all electrify charging points are already equipped with DC fault current detection as standard.

Elegant design

Basic colour, favourite colour or foliation? Individualise your charging station or wallbox according to your taste. They all have the atmospheric 360° ambient LED!

Weather resistance

Stainless steel is extremely robust and durable. So you can enjoy your charging gadget for a long time.


Thanks to their high material quality and technical reliability, our charging solutions are particularly durable. This aspect and their responsible production make them a sustainable investment in the future of electromobility.

Easy to handle

Our wallboxes and charging stations are quick and easy to install.

Easy to handle

You have a lot of freedom when setting up your home charging infrastructure. Simply place the charging unit wherever you want it. You also have free hand with the number of charging points. Depending on the configuration, several charging points can be managed via the electrify Charge Control APP (eCC App).

RFID and app

electrify charging points can be operated contactless via RFID or eCC app. The app also offers other useful functions, such as displaying the charging status, controlling the charging power or evaluating the charging log (reporting).

All products

eSat r10 base

Charging station eSat r10/r20

Charging station with protected access – Eligible in many countries. Available with Charging plug or Charging socket (Type 2).

Wallbox eBox sr10

Our wallbox for vertical mounting. Also, it is smart, classy and eligible. Available with Charging socket (Type 2).

eBox sr10 smart

Wallbox eBox wr30

Our wallbox for horizontal mounting. Classy and eligible in many countries! Available in 2 versions (right, left) for flexible mounting on the wall.


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How long does a charging process take?

This answer depends on several factors. These include the charge controller in the vehicle, the battery status, the available power. There is therefore no one-size-fits-all answer.

You can find a detailed answer to the charging time in our guide.

What charging power should my charging station have?

The choice of charging station depends on both the charging power of the vehicle and the available power connection. The available charging power can be obtained from the energy supplier or electrician.

Which vehicles can be charged at electrify charging stations?

All vehicles that have the European standard charging socket according to IEC 62196 Type 2 can be charged.

Which electrify charging stations are eligible?

All electrify charging stations are eligible for funding. You can find further details in our magazine section on funding.

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