How long does a charging process take?

This answer depends on several factors. These include the charge controller in the vehicle, the battery status, the available power. There is therefore no one-size-fits-all answer.

You can find a detailed answer to the charging time in our

What charging power should my charging station have?

The choice of charging station depends on both the charging power of the vehicle and the available power connection.
The available charging power can be obtained from the energy supplier or electrician.

Can't you charge an e-car at a socket at home?

An e-car can be charged at a household socket. However, the supply line is not designed for a continuous load. Charging using a household socket and a corresponding adapter should only be done in case of an emergency! Since the batteries of electric vehicles have much higher capacities, continuous charging leads to an overload of the household socket.

How do I start the charging process at an electrify charging station?

After the charging cable has been plugged into the car and the charging station, there are several ways to start the charging process:

  • Without authorisation (plug & charge)
  • RFID authorisation
  • App authorisation (electrify Control Center)

How can the charging process be terminated at an electrify charging station?

There are several options:

  • through the vehicle
  • reuse of the RFID card
  • via app

When can a charging process be terminated?

The charging process can be terminated any time.

Is the charging cable protected against theft during charging?

The charging cable is locked on both sides during the charging process and is only released after the vehicle has finished charging.

Can the charging cable be disconnected from the charging station in the event of a power failure and if charging is interrupted?

Yes, in the event of a power failure, the charging station lock releases the plug. The cable on the vehicle remains locked.

Is there a possibility to store RFID cards in a whitelist in the charging station

Up to 50 RFID cards can be stored locally in the electrify charging station.

Which vehicles can be charged at electrify charging stations?

All vehicles that have the European standard charging socket according to IEC 62196 Type 2 can be charged.


Is there the possibility of communication between an electrify charging station and Smarthome?

At the moment, the charging station can be controlled by a Smarthome via digital inputs. A MODBUS/TCP IP interface is under development, which can be retrofitted via update when available.

Which electrify charging stations are eligible for funding?

All electrify charging stations are eligible for funding. You can find further details in our magazine section on funding.

What funding opportunities are there?

There are various funding opportunities. Some of these apply nationwide and some at state level. You can find more details in our magazine section on funding.

How do I connect my charging points to the eLMS?

In the eLMS menu under the Administration item, you can both register and manage your charging point.

When is the eLMS recommended?

The eLMS is already worthwhile for one charging point. Users of the Base charging solutions benefit from user management and time control of their charging point. For Smart-class charging solutions, users receive additional evaluations such as usage data.

What technical requirements do I need for the eLMS?

Since the smart charging management system is a web-based application, no special technical requirements are needed. A laptop, smartphone or PC with internet access is all that is needed.

What is the difference between eLMS and eCC App?

The eCC app is required for installation and has general configuration tools; the eLMS additionally provides the options for time control and, depending on the charging solution, consumption data and evaluations.

For which locations are public charging parks suitable?

In general, public charging parks are suitable for all places with public parking facilities – such as municipal car parks, school or hospital car parks.

As a consumer, how can I start the charging process at public charging points?

Consumers start the charging process at public charging parking spaces using the RFID card or APP of one of the respective providers or OCPP roaming partners.

Which colours can be chosen for customization?

For customization, you can choose between RAL colours applied as powder coating or foliation – everything is then possible.

What is the difference between foliation and RAL colour selection?

Our foils are used when special colours and effects or motif printing are desired.
RAL colours are applied by means of high-quality powder coating.

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