Charging release

Smart charging via RFID card and eCC app. Start the charging process easily!

Charging release: that’s how easy you can release the charging process

The electrify charging solutions have a plug-in start. This means: plug in and go! However, if you want to protect your charging station from third-party use, there are smart authorisation options. These are already integrated in the Base model. Your eCC app enables charging authorization via smartphone. Simply hold the RFID card against the charging station. 
By the way: you can also activate existing RFID cards to use them at the charging point. Or you choose electrify RFID cards. Key advantage: not only your charging points, but also the electrify RFID cards can be individualised. For larger quantities, you even have the option of having them designed in the corporate design of your company or institution.


Easy set up of the eCC app

The eCC app provides a quick set up. Simply download and “integrate” the desired charging solution – and off you go.

Flexible amount of RFID cards

One RFID card is included in every delivery package of the base charge solutions. You will receive two cards in the smart charge solutions’ delivery package. Of course, you can order additional cards at any time.

Simple setup of the RFID card

Simply place your card on the charging point and release it in your eCC app on your smartphone. Now, the charging point can be released via RFID.

Customize RFID cards

For large order quantities visual customization of the RFID cards, for example, in your company’s corporate design, is also an option.

Suitable for all RFID cards

You can use your existing RFID cards as well as new ones from electrify. All you have to do is activate your existing cards by authorising them at the charging point.

Authorization of RFID cards

With the help of the RFID cards, you or your employees authorise themselves at the charging point. The integrated RFID contact point at the charging station enables charging release “on the go”.

Activation via eCC App

The activation of your charging points can also be done via eCC App.

electrify RFID card with customization option

Adapt the look of your RFID cards to your ideas. With the customization options we offer freedom for ideas and wishes. How about your company logo, for example?

Charging release via eLMS

The electrify charging management system eLMS enables you to control all charging points centrally. As an owner or user of the eLMS, you can easily start or stop charging processes in the backend – regardless of the charging release via app or RFID card.

Connection to the OCPP backend

If you want to make your charging points publicly accessible, integration into an OCPP backend is possible. The charging procedures are then billed via the backend provider.

Order form

Have you lost your RFID card? Do you need more RFID cards, for example in an individual design? Then simply order your desired number of cards using the form. Specify your individualisation requirements here (bookable for orders of 100 or more) or send us any other comments you might have.


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How long does a charging process take?

This answer depends on several factors. These include the charge controller in the vehicle, the battery status, the available power. There is therefore no one-size-fits-all answer.

You can find a detailed answer to the charging time in our guide.

How can you start a charging process at an electrify charging station?

After the charging cable has been plugged into the car and the charging station, there are several ways to start the charging process:

  • Without authorisation (plug & charge)
  • RFID authorisation
  • App authorisation (electrify Control Center)

How can the charging process be terminated at an electrify charging station?

There are several options:

  • through the vehicle
  • reuse of the RFID card
  • via app

Is there a possibility to store RFID cards in a whitelist in the charging station?

Up to 50 RFID cards can be stored locally in the electrify charging station.

electrify Charge Control

All easy to control due to smart charge control, reporting and more.

electrify charging management system

Cloud-based eLMS – The intelligent control of your charging infrastructure.

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