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Charging electric vehicles during working hours

Classy, functional, sustainable: that’s how our electrify charging solutions for business customers are characterized. Charge your vehicle and your fleet during working hours. The charging process starts contactless via RFID, eCC app or via eLMS charging manage­ment system. Or, let your employees also charge their vehicles at home and refund afterwards.
By the way: our charging stations and wallboxes for your company fleet can be customised. Whether it’s your favourite colour or a foliation: they fit in perfectly with your company’s corporate design. And they also impress with their absolute robustness, elegant design and are “Made in Germany”.


DC fault current detection

The plus in safety: all electrify charging points are already equipped with DC fault current detection as standard.

Individual design

Individualize your charging solutions to match your corporate design. The 360° ambient LED light gives your fleet charging stations an elegant appearance.

Weather resistance

The housings of our charging points are made of high-quality stainless steel. This makes them particularly durable and robust against the elements.

Sustainability and quality

You invest in sustainability: electric mobility makes our world a little cleaner – robust stainless steel and high-quality technology make our products long-lasting.

Fast from assembly to use

Our charging solutions are very easy to install. Their use is also simple and intuitive.

Easy to handle

Fast and cost-effective: setting up a charging park for your company takes very little time and the optimal charging infrastructure is also quickly established. The charging management system (eLMS) in conjunction with the electrify cloud makes operating the electrify charging infrastructure for companies extremely simple. Integration into an OCPP backend is also possible.

Authorisation via RFID or app

The charging points are activated either via the eLMS, via eCC App or RFID control. Here’s an add on: employees with company cars can also charge from home. The energy costs are recorded by the eLMS and can be reimbursed to the employee.

electrify charging management system

The eLMS simplifies the control of your company fleet. Here you have an overview of all charging procedures and the respective power consumption, for charging points up from the Smart version with energy meter, and you can control each charging point individually at any time.

Customization possible

Design your company’s loading fleet entirely according to your ideas. With the individualisation options we offer freedom for your ideas and wishes: simple painting in the colour of your choice or complete foliation, following your corporate design including company logo. We make it possible!

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eSat r10 base

Charging station eSat r10/r20

Charging station with protected access – Eligible in many countries. Available with Charging plug or Charging socket (Type 2).

Wallbox eBox sr10

Our wallbox for vertical mounting. Also, it is smart, classy and eligible. Available with Charging socket (Type 2).

eBox sr10 smart

Wallbox eBox wr30

Our wallbox for horizontal mounting. Classy and eligible in many countries! Available in 2 versions (right, left) for flexible mounting on the wall.


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How long does a charging process take?

This answer depends on several factors. These include the charge controller in the vehicle, the battery status, the available power. There is therefore no one-size-fits-all answer.

You can find a detailed answer to the charging time in our guide.

What charging power should my charging station have?

The choice of charging station depends on both the charging power of the vehicle and the available power connection. The available charging power can be obtained from the energy supplier or electrician.

Which vehicles can be charged at electrify charging stations?

All vehicles that have the European standard charging socket according to IEC 62196 Type 2 can be charged.

Is the charging cable protected against theft during charging?

The charging cable is locked on both sides during the charging process and is only released after the vehicle has finished charging.

Is there a possibility to store RFID cards in a whitelist in the charging station?

Up to 50 RFID cards can be stored locally in the electrify charging station.

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